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Custom Synthesis

"Services before your project begins"

Relyx research technologies, are providing synthesis, of a broad spectrum of organic, and inorganic, compounds, at milligram to kilogram, quantities.

Relyx, delivers high quality custom synthesis, services necessary to accelerate your research and development, programs. Our highly qualified team provides the skill, experience and chemistry, support services for the synthesis, of targeted compounds and other compounds for your needs.

Our talented and experienced scientists, work with multiple chemistry, scalable, robust, and cost-effective processes.

Our mission is to develop partnerships with innovative companies, providing a complete range of custom synthesis, service including:

  • API's,
  • Intermediates,
  • Fine chemicals,
  • Agrochemical,
  • Impurities,
  • Reference standards,

For the custom synthesis, or contract research, or analytical service, client provides all details included in request. If you have no technical information that you want, we can provide you on a reasonable price.