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Contract Research

"To accelerate your internal research"
Relyx research technologies, offers contract research and development, service to accelerate your research program for developing new organic molecules.

We offer evaluation of synthetic routes, for the optimization, of process parameters, on lab scale, and development, of commercially feasible processes, for drugs, intermediates, and specialty chemicals.

Relyx, provides continuous range of problem-solving expertise in chemical synthesis, for developing a new process, or optimization of existing synthetic route.

  • Novel route scouting,
  • Process optimization, and cost reduction,
  • Process design, and scale-up,
  • Increasing process efficiency, yield, and throughput,
  • Design and Synthesis of new chemical entities,(NCE'S) and New Molecular Entities,(NME'S)
  • Research and Synthesis, of Controlled Substances,
  • Tech transfer services